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It's hard to blame Jan Švejnar for deciding not to devote a good chunk of his life to trying to dislodge Miloš Zeman as Václav Klaus's heir apparent and moral successor. Švejnar was rather diplomatic in recounting his reasons to MFD, but the message was clear: The system is rigged against candidates who aren't willing to give quid pro quos for securing campaign financing. It's true. The country's wealthy individuals often speak about fighting corruption and securing a better future for their children and grandchildren but then always go where the money is. Advertisers preach corporate responsibility but support media outlets that are leading the country in the wrong direction. Very often, those complaining the loudest about the country's problems are among those contributing to them the most. Švejnar can't win this battle alone. It's very bad news if he considers it a mission impossible.[Czech Republic presidential elections president candidate]

Glossary of difficult words

lost cause - a person or thing that can no longer hope to succeed or be changed for the better;

a chunk of something - an amount or part of something;

to dislodge - to remove from an established or fixed position;

heir apparent - a person who is most likely to succeed to the place of another;

rigged - manipulated, distorted;

quid pro quo - something for something; a favor or advantage offered or expected in return for something.

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