Final Word from Thursday, October 4, 2012

TOP 09 needs Zdeněk Tůma now more than ever. Which is ironic, because the party did what it could to sideline him at city hall. Tůma resigned last month as head of the city assembly's finance committee, citing a busy travel schedule as a consultant at KPMG. In his "exit interviews," he spoke surprisingly conciliatorily about how he was unceremoniously outvoted 24-1 when he backed Vladimír Lich as DP Praha's CEO. But Tůma's refusal to go out kicking and screaming was probably mainly a business decision (it would not reflect well on KPMG) and should not be construed as acceptance of TOP's practices. When ČT asked Miroslav Kalousek last night whether Tůma is a candidate to replace Jaromír Drábek, he said that Tůma would make an excellent labor minister but can be scratched off the list because of his work commitments. In political jargon, this is called "lowering expectations." Wooing Tůma back won't be easy.[Czech Republic DPP Česká televize]

Glossary of difficult words

to sideline - to remove someone from the center of activity or attention; to place someone in a less influential position;

exit interview - a survey or discussion held with someone when he or she is separating from an organization or relationship;

conciliatorily - in a peacemaking or appeasing manner;

unceremoniously - in an abrupt or discourteous way;

kicking and screaming - in a way that makes a lot of noise or commotion;

to construe - to interpret in a particular way;

to woo someone - to seek the favor or support of someone.


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