Final Word from Monday, October 15, 2012

Why did the Right suffer such a debacle in the regional elections? Kateřina Perknerová of Deník explained it succinctly today: Czechs have had enough not only of the belt-tightening that they must endure while unbridled theft continues at the highest levels, but also of the growing arrogance of those in power. It's ironic that Petr Nečas could potentially pay the highest price, because he is at least helping to do something about the corruption. Where he falls way short, though, is in his support of the arrogance of Miroslav Kalousek, who seems to want to raise taxes as a way to allow the stealing to continue at the usual rate. If he found the fortitude, Nečas could now use the poor election results as a reason to back away from Kalousek's tax increases and to compromise with the ODS rebels. To save his own skin, Nečas might need to portray Kalousek as the source of all evil. Voters wouldn't need much convincing.[Czech Republic Senate early elections]

Glossary of difficult words

debacle - a sudden and shameful failure;

succinct - briefly and clearly expressed;

unbridled - uncontrolled; unrestrained;

fortitude - courage in pain or adversity; strength of character.


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