Final Word from Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A new ad in Právo from Wunderman creative agency declares that, "The time is coming for a new revolution." It shows people marching through the streets with their flags raised. The ad might bring to mind the revolution of Feb. 1948, given that the Communists earned a big victory in the regional elections. Or perhaps it's for Karel Janeček, who has been promising another Velvet Revolution. But no, when you click on the appropriate website, (Change is Possible), you get an Establishment candidate for president, Jiří Dienstbier of ČSSD, who promises to "revive our democracy." By definition, any revolution would have to be aimed largely against ČSSD and the other Establishment parties, yet Kč 4.9m of the Kč 5.1m Dienstbier has raised for his campaign is from ČSSD itself. Would ČSSD fund an uprising against itself? Or are revolutions now like the iPhone 5? Everyone has to have one.[Czech Republic direct presidential elections Apple]

Glossary of difficult words

Dienstbier - we added up the contributions that passed through his bank account, as listed on his website (including Kč 100,000 from himself); 

uprising - an act of resistance or rebellions; a revolt.


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