Final Word from Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Communists peacefully handed over power in 1989, and now they are trying peacefully to take it back. Their strong showing in the elections has overshadowed the fact that few protest candidates made it into the regional assemblies or second round of the Senate balloting. If you accept that the Communists are actually part of the Establishment and not a protest party, which has arguably been the case since at least 1948, the main outcome of the elections is the invalidation of the protest vote. Those who oppose what is happening in the country, whether it is being done by ODS, ČSSD, TOP 09, the godfathers, the little godfathers or the criminal elite in general, either stayed at home or cast their ballot into a black hole. This is a fantastic outcome for those who make up the supra-political class. These are the rich and powerful who don't give a fig who is in power, as long as it is the Establishment parties.[Czech Republic Five Families KSČM suprapolitical Supra-political class wins elections]

Glossary of difficult words

supra-political - being above or transcending politics;

to overshadow - to appear much more prominent or important than;

arguably - it may be argued (used to qualify a statement of opinion or belief);

invalidation - the rendering of something useless or ineffectual;

black hole - a place more money and other things go, never to be seen again;

not to give a fig - not to have the slightest concern about.


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