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Like his boss Václav Klaus, Petr Hájek is someone Czechs either love or hate. It's a pity that Hájek is so readily dismissed by so many, because he has something to teach anyone willing to listen. His world view is unusual for someone so high up the hierarchy. In a book to be published on the anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution (Nov. 7), he'll talk about how the Velvet Revolution was a broad conspiracy against freedom and about how Václav Havel was a Marxist who was groomed over a long period to help carry out a further attack on Christian values, like the French and Bolshevik "revolutions" before it. The Soviet version of totalitarianism was a piece of cake compared to what stands before us, he told Parlamentní listy. The obvious question is why he is telling us this. After all, he has been part of this "conspiracy" for years, as deputy head of Klaus's office. Has Hájek finally seen the light? Or, more likely, will his book Death in Velvet be a guide to how Klaus and his post-presidential team plan to deliver us from this conspiracy?[Czech Republic Christianity Russian Smrt v sametu]

Glossary of difficult words

deliverance - the action of being rescued or set free;

to dismiss - to treat as unworthy of serious attention;

to groom someone - to prepare or train someone for a particular purpose or activity;

piece of cake - something easily done;

to see the light - to understand or realize something after prolonged thought or doubt;

to deliver from - to save, rescue or set free from.


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