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Consumer advocate Ralph Nader, who ran for U.S. president five times, came to fame in 1965 with the book Unsafe at Any Speed. It was a condemnation of the automobile industry's lack of concern for safety, and it contributed to the introduction of seat belts and other safety features. Cars are much safer today, but many Czech drivers and pedestrians have lost sight of the fact that automobiles remain a deadly weapon. This lack of respect for the power of speeding projectiles is visible not only at road rallies, but also every day on highways and even in pedestrian zones. It's partly a problem of driver's education, but it's at least equally a sign of the failure of the police and the courts. Prague's police officers, for example, are much more interested in issuing parking fines than ticketing arrogant, aggressive drivers. This leads to a situation in which it's much more often the driver than the car that is unsafe at any speed.[Czech Republic driving rally United States of America]

Glossary of difficult words

to come to fame - to become famous;

condemnation - the expression of complete disapproval for something; criticism;

driver's education - a formal class or program that prepares a new driver to obtain a license to operate a motor vehicle;

to ticket someone - to issue a ticket to someone.

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