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Politicians of all ages, sizes, colors and persuasions broke out in a cold sweat yesterday as Alexandr Vondra announced that he's resigning as defense minister because he's lost the trust of the people. Petr Nečas, standing beside Vondra, turned white as a ghost as he recalled that he was installed as PM even though ODS didn't win the trust of a plurality of voters. Vice PM Karolína Peake, whose party didn't even exist at the time of the last elections, huffed that it's part of a dirty trick by Nečas and Vondra to let ODS get its fingers on her party's little treasure box at the transport ministry. Industry Min. Martin Kuba was recalculating whether Czechs would now allow someone who has never even run for national office to lead them out of the EU. Even regular MPs were pissed at Vondra. If the trust of the people were the deciding factor, they'd all have to resign in favor of the cleaning ladies in Parliament.[Czech Republic CVVM LIDEM VV European Union]

Glossary of difficult words

to skate (or be) on thin ice - to be in a precarious or risky position;

persuasion - a set of beliefs, esp. religious or political ones;

cold sweat - a state of sweating induced by fear, nervousness or illness;

white as a ghost/sheet - extremely pale, as if frightened;

plurality - more votes than anyone else but not an absolute majority;

to huff - to express one's annoyance or offense;

pissed - (mildly vulgar) very annoyed; angry.

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