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If elected president, Miloš Zeman would take his love for liquor to the Castle. When asked by Blesk how much plum, pear or apricot brandy he drinks per day, he said you'd be surprised to hear that it's only 2-3 glasses. And then there's the beer he has twice a week with his jacket potatoes. He told MFD in 2002 that there are entire days when he doesn't even touch alcohol ... except maybe a beer at lunch. Karel Schwarzenberg told LN two years ago that Zeman would have been a truly good PM if he hadn't boozed so much. When Zeman was PM in 1999, then-Senator Jan Ruml said he thought there were days when the cabinet was being run by Jan Becher. Zeman has since forsaken Becherovka, but he insists that he was never monistic anyway. Over the years he's also been linked to cognac and port. With Zeman at the Castle, there's little risk the president will be known mainly for laying wreaths.[Czech Republic alcohol wine]

Glossary of difficult words

jacket potato - a baked potato served with the skin still on;

to booze - to drink alcohol, esp. in large quantities;

monistic - of or related to the doctrine that only one supreme being or god exists.

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