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What does it say about a government when one vice PM (Karel Schwarzenberg) insinuates about another vice PM (Karolína Peake) that she isn't enough of a political heavyweight to run the defense ministry? It suggests a certain collective neurosis at the highest levels. Instead of proving yesterday that Peake is indeed qualified, Nečas retorted that three other female Nato defense ministers are even less equipped. All this talk about unqualified women then prompted Czech TV's Daniela Drtinová to ask Zbyněk Stanjura of ODS what makes him so qualified to be the new transportation minister. Stanjura, who speaks softly and carries a little stick, didn't give the most impressive answer. Upon reflection, maybe the Stanjura nomination was a master stroke by Nečas to dispel some of the cabinet's insecurity. When put next to Stanjura, you see, new Defense Minister Karolína Peake doesn't look so bad after all.[Czech prime minister deputy Television Událost komentáře]

Glossary of difficult words

collective neurosis - a collective state of excessive anxiety or insecurity, often compensated for by various defense mechanisms;

to insinuate - to suggest or hint in an indirect and unpleasant way;

heavyweight - a person of influence or importance, esp. in a particular sphere;

to retort - to say something in response to a remark or accusation, typically in a sharp, angry or witty way;

equipped - prepared for a particular situation or task;

to prompt - to cause someone to take a course of action;

to speak softly and carry a small stick - a word play on the expression "speak softly and carry a big stick," which means to act calmly but to enforce one's words with harsh action, if needed;

reflection - serious thought or consideration;

master stroke - a very clever move.

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