Final Word from Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just as it's hard to find a gift for someone with everything, it's hard to find a tough question for the man with an answer for everything. During the presidential debate yesterday on Czech Radio, Miloš Zeman was asked the fitting question of whether he would renominate Pavel Rychetský to the Constitutional Court, and Zeman spared no praise in giving an affirmative answer. The tough follow-up question should have been - but alas, was not - how Zeman could speak so highly of someone who had done so much to slight his trusted friend Miroslav Šlouf in a recent book by Tomáš Němeček, Diskrétní zóna. On Page 163, Rychetský said that when Zeman was PM and Šlouf was his chief adviser, one of Šlouf's people asked Erste for Kč 100m to be allowed to buy Česká spořitelna. We have no doubt that Zeman has an eloquent answer ready for this question too; we're just dying to hear what it is.[Czech Republic Jack Stack Discreet Zone Area bank privatization corruption bribe bribery]

Glossary of difficult words

fitting - suitable or appropriate under the circumstances;

affirmative - agreeing with a statement or to a request;

follow-up question - a question that follows another and seeks to draw on the answer to the original question;

to slight someone - to insult someone by speaking of him or her without proper respect or attention.


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