Final Word from Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Despite what Miloš Zeman says about the "foreign-owned" press, he has one group of secret admirers in the enemy camp. The layout editors are surreptitiously rooting for him, because as Miroslav Korecký of Týden noted, the word "Schwarzenberg" doesn't fit in any headlines. The length of this name is one reason people often resort to calling him "Karel" or the "Prince." A better option for editors if Schwarzenberg gets elected might be to come up with suitable initials. But to become the next TGM, he would need three of them, not just two, and that raises the question of where to get them. KFS (Karl Fürst zu Schwarzenberg) certainly wouldn't work, and creating initials from his full name (Karel Jan Nepomuk Josef Norbert Bedřich Antonín Vratislav Menas kníže ze Schwarzenbergu) would be a mouthful. But KJS sounds quite nice, and no one who is "as Czech as a log" should have more than three names anyway.[Czech Republic presidential elections

Glossary of difficult words

surreptitiously - secretly, esp. because the action would not be approved of; 

to resort to something - to turn to and adopt a disagreeable or undesirable course of action in order to resolve a difficult situation; 

TGM - Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk; 

Fürst - Prince; 

kníže - Prince; 

mouthful - a long or complicated word or phrase that is difficult to say; 

Czech as a log - (Čech jako poleno) a Czech expression for being thoroughly Czech (used by Schwarzenberg to describe himself).


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