Final Word from Thursday, January 24, 2013

Although we endorsed one of the candidates in the first round, we decided to sit on the fence in the second round and inveigh against both candidates equally. To avoid ending the week by writing more favorably about one or the other, we looked for a neutral topic. What about amnesty? No, that favors Zeman, because he opposed it from the start. (Or maybe Schwarzenberg, because Klaus and Zeman hatched the amnesty together?) Or we could write about soccer. No, that favors Schwarzenberg, because the game-rigging was surely another vestige of the Klaus-Zeman pact, right? Or what about the CR's fast-growing debt? No, that favors Zeman, because he sees the Nazis behind everything. What about something global, such as Apple's 10% share drop? No, that's clearly the fault of KJS and the Bilderbergers. Well, at least we can write about the weather without bringing either candidate into the discussion....[Czech Republic Miloš Karel opposition agreement presidential election football]

Glossary of difficult words

to endorse - to declare one's public approval of or support for;

to sit on the fence - to avoid making a decision or choice;

to inveigh against - to speak or write about with hostility;

to hatch something - to conspire to devise a plot or plan;

to rig (a game or bid) - to manage or conduct something fraudulently in order to produce a desired result;

vestige - a trace of something that is disappearing or no longer exists;

KJS - Karel Jan Schwarzenberg.


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