Final Word from Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Andrej Babiš called together 50 food producers yesterday to agree on a strategy for promoting Czech products. One of those present, Zdeněk Jahoda of Emco, told HN that it's mainly the responsibility of the state to do the promotion. Whether you agree with him or not, it's true that the SZIF farm fund, under Tomáš Jindra's guidance, awarded a Kč 310m contract in Sept. to Comunica ad agency to promote the Klasa quality logo through 2013. That's as much as a mobile-phone operator dishes out. So, what's the result so far? Only publisher František Savov and his media buddy Jaromír Soukup can say. According to Jan Patera of M&M, Comunica is known as Savov's house ad agency, and Soukup's Médea is buying the space for Klasa. Anyone looking for a clue as to how Soukup funds his purchases of "weakened" media outlets need look no further. Perhaps we're wrong. Perhaps Soukup secured the same 90% discounts for Klasa that he got for Jan Fischer. And perhaps Czech yogurt will soon be selling like hotcakes.[Czech Republic Mladá fronta KlasA agriculture agricultural ministry]

Glossary of difficult words

to dish out - to allocate, distribute, hand out;

house (agency) - (in this context) the preferred supplier of a business, often with some kind of ownership connection;

to sell like hotcakes - to sell very fast.

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