Final Word from Tuesday, February 19, 2013

If Vít Bárta of VV is forced after the next elections to seek a new profession, the path will already be laid for him to become a political commentator. In some ways, he's already more one of them than a politician. His blog deals with everything from Jiří Kajínek's murder charge to Eurovia's humps in the road and is required reading for anyone interested in seeing what kind of dirt Bárta's security-industry buddies can dig up. He told TV Barrandov that Jiří Dienstbier is Miroslav Kalousek's agent within ČSSD and that Kalousek and ČSSD Chair Bohuslav Sobotka are "dark forces" that are working together to limit the reach of the NKÚ audit office. Bárta told Hyde Park last night that there are "godfathers" on the side of ČSSD too (and not just ODS) and that one of them is Sobotka's good friend Radek Pokorný, who is representing Eurovia in its highway arbitration against the state. As much as Bárta was a problem for politicians when he was in the government, he might prove to be more of a problem for them when he is out of it.[Czech Republic Věci veřejné TOP 09]

Glossary of difficult words

hump - a rounded raised mass of earth or land;

Hyde Park - see the 20:41 mark.


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