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Respekt hinted this week that Václav Klaus might have been a KGB agent and that this could explain his stance toward the EU and Russia. The list of Czech agents of the Soviet security service was never released, the magazine noted. Whose fault is this, we ask? In part, that of the 38 senators who voted yesterday to impeach Klaus for his amnesty and four other failings in office that, if unconstitutional and treasonous, would still be much less serious than being an undeclared Soviet or Russian agent. These same 38 senators helped pass legal changes that make it unclear as to whether Klaus can even be prosecuted for treason once his term in office expires on Thur. Who failed in their duties, Klaus or the lawmakers who allowed him to be elected and then sat by as existing laws allowed him to express disdain for some of the CR's international obligations? Klaus is clearly "guilty" of pushing the legal system and the Constitution to the limits, but he's only one among many who made it possible. Should the others also be charged with treason?[Czech Republic European Union USSR]

Glossary of difficult words

stance - the attitude of a person or organization toward something;

to impeach - to charge (the holder of a public office) with misconduct;

to sit by - to take no action to prevent something undesirable from occurring;

disdain - contempt, scorn.

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