Final Word from Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In his two decades in politics, Václav Klaus rarely addressed corruption. When he did, it was often in the context of the EU. He told Týden last Sept. that EU funding is the No. 1 corruption phenomenon. It is strange money used for strange things, he said. In his farewell speech as president last week, he said that the way to reduce corruption is to cut back on redistribution on both the national and EU level. This is no doubt true, but not even this would eliminate any theoretical corruption in the application of amnesty/remission. (And it is lingering suspicions of this by the public that prompted Klaus to mention corruption in his final speech in the first place.) Nor would reducing redistribution address corruption in the private sector, which Jan Spáčil of Deloitte Legal said is just as widespread as in the public sector. No, what the CR needs most is a moral authority whose actions and words set an example for others. Neither of the CR's two past presidents was a perfect role model in this respect. Let's hope the third time is the charm.[Czech Republic Václav Havel Miloš Zeman European Union subsidy subsidies magazine]

Glossary of difficult words

redistribution - (in this context) the transfer of money from one person to another or from one social group to another;

lingering - lasting for a long time or slow to end;

the third time is the charm - the third time you try to do something is the time it works.

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