Final Word from Wednesday, March 27, 2013

As things increasingly go wrong in the world, the question is being asked more and more whether our politicians can possibly be that incompetent or whether there is evil intent behind all their missteps and misdeeds. Miroslav Poche, who heads ČSSD's city assemblymen in Prague, told Czech TV last night that he doesn't know if the city councilor in charge of IT, Eva Vorlíčková of TOP 09, is incompetent with regard to an increase in the Opencard price or had some other motive. Patrik Tkáč of J&T said in LN on Sat. on the subject of the initial bailout plan for Cyprus that he doesn't know if it is complete amateurism on the part of the EU or a deliberate attempt to destabilize banking in all of the EU. There is a third possible explanation. Just as there are frontmen in business transactions, there are frontmen in politics. Many of them have no idea what is really going on and are merely nodding their heads in agreement so that they can keep their cushy positions. Just like most of the pre-1990 members of the Communist Party.[Czech Republic city hall Television Lidové noviny European Union]

Glossary of difficult words

misstep - a clumsy or badly judged step;

misdeed - a wicked or illegal act;

deliberate - done consciously and intentionally;

frontman - a person who represents an illegal or disreputable organization to give it an air of legitimacy;

cushy - undemanding, easy or secure.

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