Final Word from Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's high time that ODS quit crying about how poorly its candidate did in the presidential election. The latest self-pitier is Petr Štěpánek of Hradec Králové's regional chapter, who said on Hyde Park that ODS did everything wrong in the election from the very beginning. Přemysl Sobotka's 2.46% showing was more a reflection on the party itself than on Sobotka, he whined. ODS chose a candidate (Sobotka) who might have had a chance as a compromise candidate in indirect elections, he said, and lost a candidate for unexplained reasons who could have done well in the popular vote (Miroslava Němcová). It's time for ODS to fess up and admit that its candidate actually did win, and that his name was Miloš Zeman! Wasn't he as much the ODS candidate as the ČSSD candidate, even if voters weren't supposed to see it that way? Weren't all the "mistakes" that Štěpánek spoke about designed so that the road would be cleared for the real candidate? Come on, you true-blue ODS strategists! Stand up and take credit for your accomplishment.[Czech Republic]

Glossary of difficult words

to sob - to cry noisily, making loud, convulsive gasps;

self-pitier - (rare) someone who pities himself;

showing - a performance, as in a competition or test of skill;

to fess up - (informal) to confess, admit to something;

true-blue - extremely loyal (blue is also the color of ODS);

accomplishment - the successful achievement of a task.


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