Final Word from Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ODS is trying to rid itself of its mini-godfathers, or at least give the impression of doing so. Some are going to prison, some are going to court, some are being disenfranchised, and others are quitting the party preemptively. In one way or another, most of them are being anathematized. But what about the real godfathers, what about the Five Families that rule the country, or the associate members of this elite group that tag along or consort with them? As the mini-godfathers wither, they are the ones rushing to fill the void and to tighten their grip on the country. Is it at all conceivable, in the current environment, that they would ever be charged with a crime or eventually be found guilty? Will EP Holding (PPF/J&T) be allowed to get away with buying prime ČEZ assets at knockdown prices, as Jana Klímová of MFD has so ably reported? Is the criminal investigation into that deal a sign that things are changing? KKCG's foiled attempt to sell the Sazka building to the NKÚ audit office is an indication that maybe, just maybe, they are.[Czech Republic EPH]

Glossary of difficult words

beware - (as the imperative) be on your guard;

to disenfranchise someone - to deprive someone of a right or privilege, of power, or of the right to vote;

preemptive - undertaken or initiated to prevent an anticipated, usually unpleasant, situation or occurrence;

to anathematize something - to curse or condemn something; to proclaim an anathema on;

to tag along - to follow or accompany someone;

to consort - to habitually associate with someone;

to wither - to cease to flourish; to fall into decay or decline;

prime - of the best possible quality; excellent;

knockdown - (of a price) very low;

ably - skillfully, competently;

foiled - thwarted, hindered.


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