Final Word from Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's spring again, or at least it was last week, and the abrupt weather changes are leading to a record number of heart attacks and strokes. Chief Physician Jan Pirk of IKEM's cardiology center told Právo that it's not necessarily just the weather and that more scientific study is needed. Absolutely. For example, we wonder how many of the victims are middle-age men whose heart skips 10 beats when they see all those gorgeous Czech women on the square in their skimpy shorts and halter tops. Shouldn't the health ministry impose a minimum uncloaking schedule in effect every spring, so the heart has time to adjust over a period of days? Or at least recommend a maximum exposure period for susceptible individuals? Doctors (and feminists) would say the men just need to keep their eyes to themselves, but this isn't at all practical in a country jokingly referred to by Steve Fischer of Reflex as CzechXXX.[Czech Republic Czechia]

Glossary of difficult words

drop-dead beautiful - (slang) so beautiful that she causes someone to drop dead from shock;

gorgeous - beautiful; very attractive;

skimpy - (of clothes) short and revealing;

halter top - a style of women's clothing with a single strap around the back of the neck;

to uncloak - to uncover or reveal.

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