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ČEZ is the undisputed energy leader in the CR, but EP Holding is breathing down its neck. EPH (owned by PPF, J&T and Daniel Křetínský) conveniently acquired its best assets from ČEZ itself. So conveniently, in fact, that ČEZ is under police investigation for the sale of Mibrag mines in Germany to its rival. Keep this in mind as we jump from energy to billboards. Petr Kolář and Jaroslav Plesl wrote in Reflex last week that Martin Roman has become a significant shareholder in BigBoard outdoor media company, although his stake is hidden from the public eye. One of the other shareholders in BigBoard is none other than J&T. In other words, the chairman of ČEZ's supervisory board is an investor in a company with ČEZ's biggest energy rival. A clear conflict of interest. Now for a bit of speculation. Wouldn't it explain a lot of things in the energy sector if Roman were also a hidden shareholder in J&T's stake in EPH?[Czech Republic electricity]

Glossary of difficult words

undisputed - not called into question; accepted;

to breathe down someone's neck - to threaten by proximity, esp. by pursuing closely;

conveniently - occurring in a place, at a time, or in a way that is useful.

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