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Karolína Peake's incessant waffling on the issue of whether LIDEM continues to support the outgoing coalition is entirely transparent: She's fighting for her political career and is for sale to the highest bidder. The motives of Miroslav Kalousek are much less graspable. By going ballistic over ODS's nomination of Miroslava Němcová as PM, Kalousek gave Miloš Zeman an excuse not to appoint a new government of three parties that couldn't even reach a consensus among themselves. Now, Kalousek is one of the biggest critics of the harvest that he helped sow. The government of Jiří Rusnok is an attack on parliamentary democracy, he said. This drastically inconsistent behavior can't be attributed to how Kalousek slept or to what he drank. He apparently underestimated Zeman's resolve to form a presidential government and to investigate political and economic crimes. In retrospect, Kalousek's bilious attack on ODS appears to have been a major political mistake that helped take the 2014 budget out of his hands and could potentially even land him in jail.[Czech Republic prime minister drunk on bile TOP 09 finance minister]

Glossary of difficult words

incessant - (of something regarded as unpleasant) continuing without pause or interruption;

to waffle - to fail to make up one's mind;

graspable - able to be understood;

to go ballistic - (informal) to fly into a rage;

to sow (the seed of) - to do something that will eventually bring about a result;

resolve - firm determination to do something;

bilious - spiteful or bad-tempered.

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