Final Word from Tuesday, July 2, 2013

If enough Czech politicians wanted to stop Miloš Zeman, they would demand that he grant the second attempt to form a government to the politician with the votes to do so - or face a parliamentary censure and a constitutional challenge. Instead, even those who oppose Zeman are coming to the conclusion that there is little they can do. Miroslav Kalousek accuses Zeman of discarding parliamentary democracy in favor of autocracy and driving the country closer to Russia, but not even he wants the current Parliament to put the clamps on the president. He prefers to begin the debate now but wait until after the next elections to make constitutional changes ... even though he fears there won't be any next elections under Tsar Zeman. MP Jeroným Tejc of ČSSD warns that any constitutional amendment couldn't apply retroactively to Zeman. This seemingly absurd claim gains merit when you take a second look at the way Zeman and Pavel Rychetský stacked the Constitutional Court. Will Brussels be the savior of last resort?[Czech Republic president ČSSD Chairman Bohuslav Sobotka Miroslava Němcová ODS autocratic European Union]

Glossary of difficult words

censure - an expression of severe disapproval of someone or something, typically in a formal statement;

to discard - to get rid of something as no longer useful or desirable;

to put the clamps on someone - (informal) to impede or block someone or something; to restrict or restrain someone;

to stack (the deck) - to arrange things in a way that is not fair in order to achieve a desired result;

last resort - when all else has failed.


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