Final Word from Thursday, July 11, 2013

Egyptian proponents of the toppling of Mohamed Morsi say that the people wanted a change of government and that there was no constitutional way to bring one about. Hence a military coup. Miloš Zeman speaks in a similar way when he justifies creating a new custom by bypassing the center-right coalition to appoint a cabinet with no direct connection to Parliament. It's what the people wanted, he says. A new report in the New York Times talks about how conditions have miraculously improved since the Egyptian military ousted Morsi. The question in the CR is how Zeman will stage a similar recovery. The cabinet's ability to buy popularity by splashing money around will be limited. But it might not matter. The people want a government that isn't marred by the usual political bickering. A bland, apolitical cabinet dominated by a strong president who keeps his ministers in line might be just the ticket.[Czech Republic Jiří Rusnok miracle opinion polls]

Glossary of difficult words

to sustain - to cause to continue or to be prolonged for an extended period; to uphold, affirm or confirm the justice or validity of;

to topple - to cause to fall;

to bypass - to avoid or circumvent an obstacle or problem;

to splash money around - to spend lavishly;

marred - impaired or spoiled;

to bicker - to argue about petty and trivial matters;

bland - lacking strong features or characteristics and therefore uninteresting;

the ticket - the desirable or appropriate thing or course of action.


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