Final Word from Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Imagine you go away for the weekend, without any digital devices in tow. You're completely cut off from the world. You come back on Mon. and open your favorite Czech financial newspaper. And there's no mention of what happened the previous Fri. Maybe an Ostrava court ordered Jana Nagyová's release, or maybe a major company released disappointing results. It was all over the internet, but overlooked on Mon. morning in your business paper. Erik Tabery of Respekt said that it's suicide when you have the same thing in the morning paper that was on the web the night before. The problem with this is that the printed newspaper ceases to become a reliable historical chronicle. Even the most devoted readers - those who usually pay the most - are forced to go somewhere else for a complete picture. In its aim to provide a complete picture, the Financial Times for one doesn't mind a little web/print overlap. [Czech Republic HN E15 Hodpodářské noviny FT]

Glossary of difficult words

migration - (in this sense) a move from one platform to another;

to overlook - to ignore or disregard something;

chronicle - a factual written account of important or historical events in the order of their occurrence;

overlap - an instance of covering part of the same subject matter, areas of interest, responsibilities, etc.


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