Final Word from Thursday, August 1, 2013

Parliament moved up the confidence vote to next Wed., which gives Senior Olomouc State Prosecutor Ivo Ištvan just six more days to set a trap for any MPs planning to take a bribe in exchange for their vote. Ištvan was so eager to prosecute the three ex-MPs from the coalition for selling their seats that he'll surely want to apply the same scrutiny to MPs who might sell out to the Zeman government. Never mind that the Supreme Court said that such behavior is okay, as long as it's done in protected bribe zones. Ištvan can still arrest them, put shackles on them, humiliate them with a perp walk and cause them to lose whatever cushy jobs in state companies they were offered. Better yet, he can wire the bathrooms and smoking corner, which aren't court-protected bribe zones. Perhaps his friends from the NSA can even help him track any last-minute vacation bookings. Not that we want to give Ištvan any ideas, of course. [Czech Republic perpetrator handcuffs Ivan Fuksa Petr Tluchoř Marek Šnajdr Petr Nečas Jana Nagyová trafika Miloš Jiří Rusnok]

Glossary of difficult words

Ištvangate - the term coined by Petr Nečas for the Jana Nagyová scandal; we use it here in a jocular or joking way; 

to move something up - to bring an event forward; 

eager - (of a person) wanting to do something very much; 

scrutiny - critical observation or examination; 

to sell out to someone - to abandon one's principles in exchange for personal gain; 

perp walk - the practice of taking a suspected perpetrator in handcuffs through a public place so that the person can be photographed by the media; 

to wire - to install eavesdropping equipment; 

NSA - National Security Agency, which conducts eavesdropping and surveillance on unsuspecting foreigners.


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