Final Word from Monday, August 19, 2013

When Senior Olomouc State Prosecutor Ivo Ištvan was forced in mid-July to withdraw the request to have Petr Nečas's parliamentary immunity lifted, he said that an effort would be made to show that some of the negotiations regarding jobs for three ex-MPs took place outside of Parliament, where immunity did not apply. If TOP 09 and part of ODS vote tomorrow to dissolve Parliament, they will also in essence be voting to lift Nečas's immunity, even though they had originally stood staunchly by him. Ištvan will be able to come knocking at any time on Jana Nagyová's door, with arrest warrant in hand. In his address to Parliament before the confidence vote, Miloš Zeman indicated that he was expecting a sensation from Ištvan within a couple of weeks. It's already been a couple of weeks. What a sensation it would be if Ištvan had Nečas - or Miroslav Kalousek - arrested on the same day that Zeman dissolved Parliament! [Czech Republic corruption bribery Ivan Fuksa Petr Tluchoř Marek Šnajdr Šnajder]

Glossary of difficult words

to lift (immunity) - to formally remove or end a legal restriction, decision or ban;

to dissolve - to close down or dismiss (an assembly or official body);

staunchly - in a loyal and committed manner.


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