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Super was a pro-Klaus tabloid that was launched in April 2001 and was shut down just over a year later, after ODS lost the 2002 elections. One of its key reporters was Petr Hájek, who went on to become Klaus's deputy chief of staff. Peter Goldscheider of EPIC told Euro magazine in 2002 that it was a mistake for his company to launch the newspaper. It was perceived as an inferior Klaus vehicle, which caused the effort to backfire. A decade later, history could be repeating itself, not in the form of an ill-conceived tabloid newspaper, but in the form of Jana Bobošíková's idea for a "SUPR Klausians" political formation. The main problem, as Petr Kolář noted in Týden, is that Bobošíková is unacceptable to many of Klaus's co-workers. She's trying to steal the limelight for herself. The reality is that only Klaus can engineer a Klaus comeback. Leaving it so long to a B Team risks letting it turn into a comedy of errors. [Czech Republic Václav b-team SUverenita a PRosperita klausovci Sovereignty and Prosperity Klausians Klausites Epic]

Glossary of difficult words

SUPR klausovci - SUverenita a PRosperita (Sovereignty and Prosperity Klausians);

Bobo - a nickname for Jana Bobošíková;

vehicle - a thing used to expressed, embody or fulfill something;

to backfire - to have the opposite effect of what was intended;

ill - badly, wrong or imperfectly;

the limelight - the focus of public attention;

B Team - a subset of a team or a group of people who are not considered the best members of the team or group.


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