Final Word from Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Senior Olomouc State Prosecutor Ivo Ištvan gave two major interviews last week, one to Czech Radio and one to Czech TV. He provided the usual non-answers to the standard questions about Petr Nečas, Jana Nagyová, Ivo Rittig and others, but neither of the moderators ventured to ask him about the case of Chair Alena Vitásková of the ERÚ energy regulator. She has been formally charged by one of Ištvan's prosecutors, Radek Mezlík, with abetting fraud in the issuance of solar licenses. If we are going to receive the usual non-answers from Ištvan, it would be nice to at least hear some new questions. Ondřej Liška of the Greens, Michal Šnobr of J&T and James de Candole of Candole Partners would like to know who profited from the solar boom by selling their plants to ČEZ at undisclosed prices. And we would like Ištvan to state whether prosecuting Vitásková will lead us to this, or instead keep us from ever finding out. [Czech Republic Television Veronika Sedláčková Daniela Drtinová photovoltaic Radiožurnál]

Glossary of difficult words

shady - giving shade from sunlight; of doubtful honesty or legality;

to venture to do something - to dare to do something that may be dangerous or unpleasant;

to abet (a crime) - to encourage or assist (someone) to do something wrong, in particular, to commit a crime or other offense.

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