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If a Chinese telecoms company, and not PPF, bought Telefónica O2 CR, it would be one of the largest overseas majority acquisitions by a Chinese company ever. It would be larger than Lenovo's takeover of IBM's personal-computer division, larger than Geely's purchase of Volvo, and (after the buyout of minority shareholders) almost on a par with the hotly contested, record-breaking purchase of Smithfield Foods. In the words of Joe Biden, it would be a BFD. The advantages of PPF acquiring 66% of the Czech unit from Telefónica, handling the buyout/squeeze-out of thousands of small shareholders, and delivering a nice unencumbered package to the Chinese in a few years are manifest. PPF could have tersely dismissed Respekt's speculation in this regard and put the matter to rest. Instead, PPF used unusually harsh language, accusing Respekt of paranoia. One could think the lady doth protest too much. [Czech Republic big fucking deal mobile Ford]

Glossary of difficult words

on a par with - equal in importance or quality to; on an equal level with;

BFD - big fucking deal;

squeeze-out - the compulsory acquisition of the stakes of a small group of shareholders;

unencumbered - not burdened with difficulties, complications or responsibilities;

manifest - clear or obvious to the eye or mind;

tersely - sparing in the use of words; laconic;

to put something to rest - to put an end to a rumor; to finish dealing with something and to forget about it;

the lady doth protest too much - (Shakespeare) the more one protests, the more suspicions one arouses.

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