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ČSSD Chair Bohuslav Sobotka has stepped up his criticism of the "putschists," telling Lidové noviny that ČSSD is "sick" and that one of its illnesses is the intriguing on the part of the regional interest groups. The process of ridding the party of this negative legacy must continue, he said. Shady operators, he explained, can't be allowed to have backing on the national level. Voters in essence made the same judgement about SPOZ and the interim government of Jiří Rusnok. Instead of allowing any of the Zemanites to continue, voters purged them in the elections. Miloš Zeman is now doing the same thing with his chief of staff, Vratislav Mynář, who was the real one (along with Martin Nejedlý) who "turned up the carpet" and caused the president to collapse by arranging an exhausting SPOZ campaign for him. Everywhere you turn, the Zemanites are being purged. Except at Czech Television, where CEO Petr Dvořák is leaving the pro-SPOZ forces in place and taking steps instead to purge those who rose up against them. [Czech Republic Castle president censorship]

Glossary of difficult words

purge - the removal of a group of people considered undesirable from an organization or place, typically in an abrupt or violent manner;

to step up - to increase or intensify;

to intrigue - to make secret plans to do something illicit or detrimental to someone;

to rid something of - to make someone or something free (of an undesirable person or thing);

backing - support or help.

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