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What Andrej Babiš says one day might not apply the next, but his actions spoke louder than words when he installed his top lieutenant at the helm of Parliament's agricultural committee. If there were any doubts about Babiš's intentions, that same Jaroslav Faltýnek dispelled them today in Právo by saying that ANO would be willing to do a swap with KDU-ČSL for the agriculture ministry if the public didn't mind the conflict of interest. Along with Finance and Regional Development, this would give Babiš a trifecta. Central purchasing would be the crowning achievement. Why, then, would Babiš want early elections, which is one of the connivances often attributed to him? So that he could have 50 MPs, to ČSSD's 47, instead of the other way around? Or so he could become PM? Truth is that he could be the PM now, if he wanted to be. And under such a trifecta, he would be Lord over anything that rises out of the Czech soil. [Czech Republic agriculture prime minister ANO Agrofert Smetana]

Glossary of difficult words

Czech woods and fields - an allusion to Smetana's "From Bohemia's woods and fields";

actions speak louder than words - what someone does is more important than what someone says;

to dispel - to make (a doubt, feeling or belief) disappear;

trifecta - a run of three wins or grand events; a bet in which the person forecasts the first three finishers in a race in the correct order;

connivance - the act of engaging in conspiracy or intrigue.

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