Final Word from Monday, December 23, 2013

Imagine how tempting it must be for Miloš Zeman to appoint Andrej Babiš as prime minister. It would solve so many of the president's problems. No longer would he be irrelevant; Bohuslav Sobotka would instead be the one put out to early pasture; Lubomír Zaorálek would see the foreign ministry snatched from his fingers and passed to Hynek Kmoníček; Jiří Dienstbier would have yet another career door slammed in his face; Marian Jurečka would have to find another Russian peasant to chink champagne glasses with. And then there is the matter of Babiš's lustration report - the PM doesn't need a clean one, even if the finance minister does. As attractive as it must be for Zeman to buy back his relevance in this way, it would come at the cost of sharing power with Babiš. KDU-ČSL Chair Pavel Bělobrádek told TV Prima that he doesn't think Zeman will resort to this, but he didn't rule it out either. [Czech Republic FTV premier ANO ČSSD KDU-ČSL agriculture ministry coalition negotiations]

Glossary of difficult words

tempting - appealing or attractive to someone, even if wrong or inadvisable;

to put someone out to (early) pasture - to force someone to retire;

to snatch something - to quickly seize something in a rude or eager way;

to chink/clink glasses together - to make a sound by striking glasses together;

to resort to something - to turn to and adopt a strategy or course of action that is undesirable as a way to resolve a difficult situation.

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