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Even on cold winter days, only about half the people on the streets of Prague wear some form of head covering. Some people don't think they need one, some consider it uncool, and others prefer not to mess up their hair. More than half of those who do indeed wear a hat tend to put on some sort of brimless or pull-down cap before venturing into the elements. About 20% don a baseball cap or similar billed cap. Surprisingly popular are hoods or hoodies, either attached to winter parkas or worn under an outer garment. Russian fur hats are rare, as are formal hats. People in suits and dresses have the biggest problem. How to look dignified while staying warm? Development Minister Věra Jourová attacked it with style last week, but Industry Minister Jan Mládek ran afoul of the fashion police at Czech TV by wearing a pull-on cap to his meeting at the Castle. Miloš Zeman is so full of wisdom, perhaps he could advise the new ministers on how to keep their heads warm. Presidents, after all, are often the ones who set fashion trends. [Czech Republic Television jacket]

Glossary of difficult words

uncool - not fashionable or impressive;

brim - the projecting edge around the bottom of a hat;

pull-down/pull-on cap - a knit cap without a brim;

the elements - the weather, esp. strong winds, heavy rains or other kinds of bad weather;

bill - a stiff brim at the front of a cap;

hoodie - a hooded sweatshirt or jacket;

parka - a large windproof jacket with a hood, designed to be worn in cold weather;

garment - an item of clothing;

to attack something (with style, vigor, etc.) - to deal with a problem;

to run afoul of - to get into conflict or difficulty with.

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