Final Word from Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So much fuss has been made over the comments by tabloid journalist Pavel Novotný about singer Iveta Bartošová that the far more important comments Novotný made about Karel Janeček two weeks ago were overlooked. Novotný told ČRo1 that he's considering working for a future presidential candidate and that he doesn't think it's any secret that Janeček intends to run. Well, in fact, it was. Novotný was the first person with direct knowledge to confirm it. This raises all kinds of questions, some of which were touched on during ČT24's interview yesterday with Karel Randák, who helped bring down two Czech governments. To what degree have Janeček's anti-corruption activities been guided by his political plans? Has his Anti-corruption Endowment been easier on businessmen who have pledged their political support? And does the U.S. embassy's own support for the Endowment make Janeček its unofficial candidate? [Czech Republic United States of America Czech Radio Czech TV Television Interview ČT 24 suicide]

Glossary of difficult words

fuss - a display of unnecessary or excessive excitement, activity or interest; commotion;

to overlook something - to fail to notice something;

to pledge - to formally declare or promise that something is or will be the case.

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