Final Word from Thursday, May 15, 2014

Comedian Bill Maher is famous for his New Rules segment on his HBO show Real Time. On last week's show, he established the new rule that a Sherpa must at least once throw his bag at the foot of a rich American adventure-seeker and tell him, "You carry it, you lazy piece of s***." Prague also needs a new rule against rich motorists and rushed delivery men. The city is trying to improve the quality of life by adding pedestrian zones, such as the large one on Wenceslas Square, but someone forgot to tell drivers that pedestrians have the right of way. Most of the drivers use the wide-open space to really put the pedal to the metal, scattering innocent tourists who are completely baffled. Prague eliminated the crosswalks because it's a PEDESTRIAN zone, stupid, but now the crosswalks are needed more than ever. Crossing gates should even be added, to make sure no Gambrinus van runs over a distracted Italian. [Czech Republic zebra crossing shit]

Glossary of difficult words

piece of shit - a despicable or contemptible person; an object of poor quality;

rushed - pressed for time; in a hurry;

to put the pedal to the metal - to press the accelerator of a car to the floor (and drive fast);

to scatter - to cause a group of people or animals to go in various directions;

baffled - totally bewildered or perplexed;

crossing gate - a barrier used at a railroad crossing, entryway or other location to prevent the passage of a vehicle;

distracted - unable to concentrate because one's mind is occupied.


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