Final Word from Monday, May 19, 2014

Chair Tomio Okamura of Úsvit/Dawn won a preliminary court injunction against Reflex forbidding the magazine to call him Pitomio. The nickname means "dumb" and is about on the level of referring to George W. Bush as "Bush Lite" or Václav Klaus as "Kikina." Nothing called Okamura's intelligence into question more than his decision to file the lawsuit, because it guaranteed that other media outlets would pick up the sobriquet. Okamura would do better to go after those who call him a racist. Under certain circumstances, a political movement espousing racism is committing a criminal act, so calling Okamura a racist or a xenophobe is a serious legal matter. Journalists who hesitate to call other politicians crooks, traitors or conspirators are much more willing to bandy about allegations of racism. We have our own firm view on whether Okamura is "Pitomio," but we'll let the legal system decide whether he's a racist. [Czech Republic xenophobia]

Glossary of difficult words

Pitomio - from the adjective "pitomý," meaning dumb, stupid or fatuous;

injunction - a judicial order that restrains a person from beginning or continuing an action threatening or invading the legal right of another;

media outlet - a media entity, such as a newspaper or TV station;

sobriquet - nickname;

to go after - to pursue legal action against;

to espouse - to adopt or support;

to bandy about - to mention, discuss or repeat.


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