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Petr Kellner said in his most-recent interview in April 2012 that he wasn't personally involved in any of the transactions EPH did with ČEZ. He told MFD that he didn't do any deals with Martin Roman and did not want to. There was speculation at the time that the main reason Kellner gave the interview was to put a gulf between him and Roman, because Roman had suddenly become damaged goods. Kellner's go-between for deals with Roman was always Daniel Křetínský, but this link was severed last week, when Křetínský et al. bought out PPF's stake in EPH. The business press is now going into a frenzy about how great a dealmaker Křetínský is. The reality is much different. Without Roman and his access to the ČEZ till, Křetínský would be just another little-known partner at J&T. Without Roman, Křetínský couldn't have bought Ringier, nor would he be on the cover of the magazine (Euro) that he is about to buy (with Roman). [Czech Republic EP Holding Mladá fronta MF Dnes Axel Springer Czech Press Center František Savov]

Glossary of difficult words

to be someone's bitch - (informal) to be a servant who performs tasks for another;

a gulf between two people - a large difference or division in terms of viewpoints, concepts or situations;

damaged goods - a person regarded as inadequate or impaired in some way;

go-between - an intermediary or negotiator;

frenzy - a state or period of uncontrolled excitement or wild behavior;

till - a cash register or drawer for money.

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