Final Word from Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Perceptive readers will put two and two together today and deduce on their own that MFD's political cartoon is of Věra Jourová, but it could also just as easily be Miroslava Němcová or Michaela Marksová without their glasses. Václav Teichmann's highbrow drawings are sometimes so abstruse that he had to start writing the names of the subject next to the cartoons. When Sabina Slonková fired Miroslav Kemel as MFD's cartoonist, she told him (according to Kemel) that she wanted a breath of fresh air. In our view, she made a big mistake, and Právo was able to pounce on it immediately by hiring Kemel. New Editor-in-chief Jaroslav Plesl of MFD will have to go into damage control. Getting Teichmann to dumb down his drawings for MFD's mainstream readers is probably a nonstarter. Plesl, who is known for his biting wit, might do better to search out a fresh young graphic artist whom he can mold in his - and MFD's - image. [Czech Republic Mafra MF Dnes Mladá fronta Dnes Borgis a.s.]

Glossary of difficult words

perceptive - having or showing sensitive insight; insightful;

highbrow - intellectual, scholarly, bookish;

abstruse - difficult to understand; obscure;

to pounce on (an opportunity) - to take sudden decisive action so as to grasp an opportunity;

damage control - action taken to limit the damaging effect of an accident or error;

to dumb something down - to simplify or reduce the intellectual content of something to make it more accessible to a larger number of people;

nonstarter - a person, plan or idea that has no chance of succeeding or being effective;

biting (of wit or criticism) - harsh or cruel.


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