Final Word from Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More than anything else, more than the unwinnable wars, the crushing debt or the officially sanctioned corruption, what is driving Western civilization into the ground is Western thought. It has become so perverted that it is barely recognizable as being the foundation of our society. It is in fact the main cause of the unwinnable wars, the crushing debt, the officially sanctioned corruption and most of our other problems. The latest example of this new way of thinking is the clause in the Czech civil code, as explained today by HN, that requires parents to have a court order to close a minor's construction-savings account. This undermines the authority of the parents to decide what is best for the family, thereby undermining the very concept of family. A 30-year-old judge who has never done anything else in life is thrust forward as being more qualified than the parents to decide. No matter how renowned they might be as lawyers, the people who put such a clause in the civil code should be taken out and shot, figuratively speaking. [Czech Republic Hospodářské noviny]

Glossary of difficult words

perversion - the adulteration of something from its original course, meaning or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended;

crushing - overwhelming;

to thrust - to push, foist, impose or force;

to take someone out (back) and shoot him or her - to deal with someone in an unceremonious way.


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