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When Miroslav Kalousek opens his mouth, it's often useful to imagine that the words coming out are actually being spoken by Martin Roman. Kalousek is one of the most visible (but undeclared) faces of a vast conglomerate that encompasses assets in energy (EPH), industry (EPI), the media (Ringier) and the arts (Mucha, Reynek) that were paid for largely with money from ČEZ and other public sources. Another prominent face of this band of brothers is Daniel Křetínský, who continues to use the conglomerate's Blesk tabloid to appease Andrej Babiš. The finance minister is the linchpin, because he has the power to bring this sprawling scheme down. The smiling pictures of Babiš in Blesk might give the impression that a deal has been struck, but Křetínský told Respekt that there is no deal. And the vicious attacks against Babiš by Kalousek in Parliament yesterday suggest that this time, at least, Křetínský is telling the truth. [Czech Republic EP Holding J&T Czech News Center]

Glossary of difficult words

vast - of very great extent or quantity;

conglomerate - a number of different things or parts that are put or grouped together to form a whole but remain distinct entities; a large corporation formed by the merging of separate and diverse companies;

to appease - to pacify or placate someone by acceding to his or her demands;

linchpin - a person or thing vital to a person or organization;

sprawling - expansive; spread out.

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