Final Word from Thursday, September 25, 2014

Everyone is expecting a cabinet reshuffle after the elections, despite the usual denials from the party chairmen. Andrej Babiš reportedly wants to try his hand at healthcare, another regulated industry with tens of billions of opportunities. ČSSD is said to want the regional-development ministry, which is again open for business after receiving a rap on the knuckles from the EU for misplacing a few cents here and there. With Věra Jourová leaving, Babiš wanted to wait to name a new development minister. It would look bad if he replaced her now and then traded the ministry away after the elections. But Bohuslav Sobotka is pressing him for a quick decision and wants the new minister to be someone with EU-funding experience. All he forgot to mention was the name of Deputy Minister Klára Dostálová, who is already in ČSSD's pocket. It's a clever move. ČSSD gets the development ministry now, so why trade another ministry for it later? [Czech Republic European Commission Union]

Glossary of difficult words

to outfox someone - to defeat or deceive someone by being more clever or cunning than the other person;

reshuffle - a reorganization of positions or responsibilities;

to try one's hand at - to try or make an attempt at something;

to rap someone on the knuckles - to administer a punishment that is not very severe but that serves as a warning not to repeat the behavior;

to misplace - to mislay or put in the wrong place.

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