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Five days after his country put its name to a Nato declaration stating that "we affirm all elements" of the 2008 decision to the effect that "Georgia will become a member of Nato" and that "decisions on enlargement are for Nato itself," Bohuslav Sobotka told Parliament that no enlargement can take place if the price is an escalation of military tension. Such a remark can be considered a violation of the Nato spirit. Sobotka is now seemingly wobbling with regard to the military operations in Iraq and Syria. Although the CR is regularly mentioned in news reports as having made contributions to the military effort, Sobotka said last Mon. that the CR is not "formally" part of any coalition against the Islamic State. Sobotka is using semantics to tiptoe around the issue, but this time we won't criticize him for it. Nato never voted on using force against Iraq, much less Syria, but Barack Obama is using intentionally misleading language to give the impression of having more international support than he actually has. Sobotka is within his rights to resist this time. [Czech Republic United States United Nations NATO ISIS ISIL]

Glossary of difficult words

to resist someone - to stand up to someone; to refuse to yield to someone;

to wobble - to hesitate or waver between different courses of action;

semantics - the meaning of a word, phrase, sentence or text;

to tiptoe around an issue - to avoid dealing directly with an issue or problem;

to be within one's rights - to act legally or legitimately in one's own interest.

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