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Apple is doing better than ever, having hit a market capitalization of $700bn. At the same time, it's starting to run out of ideas, and its customers are getting increasingly frustrated. It puts out new software that has major bugs, such as apps that don't work and playlists that disappear. This doesn't seem to bother Apple much, because its customers are locked into the OS ecosystem and don't really have anywhere to go. Anofert is also doing better than ever. ANO the movement is riding so high that a one-party government after the next elections is conceivable. Agrofert the company is invading every part of a person's life, from the breadbox to the outhouse. All Andrej Babiš needs for closing the circle is a funeral service, jokes ex-Prague Mayor Jan Kasl. Yet Babiš, like Apple, is running out of ideas. He's still running on the old operating system. If voters are sticking with him, it's largely because they have no other place to go. [Czech Republic computer]

Glossary of difficult words

Anofert - a pejorative term that combines ANO and Agrofert, as if they were one entity;

market capitalization - the total dollar market value of a company's outstanding shares;

bug - an error in a computer program or system;

to ride high - to be successful;

outhouse - an outbuilding containing a toilet, typically with no plumbing.

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