Final Word from Thursday, March 19, 2015

The media across the globe have been in tumult for 7-8 years, with revenue declines of 50% or more not at all uncommon. The advertising market has evolved quickly under the influence of the financial crisis, the internet and disaffection with mainstream media. Nearly everyone in the Czech media has been hurt, but not so much Czech TV or Czech Radio, because they are unique in having guaranteed revenue streams. The crisis has in fact magnified their advantage over everyone else, and it's legitimate to ask whether the current level of user's fees is fair. If the public stations are shown to be a true counterbalance to the oligarchization of the media, the extremely high guaranteed budgets might be acceptable. However, if ČT (and less so ČRo) are instead found to be the happy hunting ground of oligarchs and sleazy lawyers who tap into those budgets to the detriment of everyone else, some major fee deflation might be appropriate. [Czech Republic Television]

Glossary of difficult words

sleazy - (of a person or situation) sordid, corrupt or immoral;

tumult - confusion or disorder;

disaffection - a state or feeling of being dissatisfied with the people in authority and no longer willing to support them;

happy hunting ground - a place where success or enjoyment is obtained;

detriment - the state of being harmed or damaged;

fee deflation - meaning a reduction in the current user's fee.


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