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Like anyone who lands in America, Finance Minister Andrej Babiš no doubt found a message on his phone asking if he wanted to use data roaming. Being the skinflint and world traveler that he is, Babiš was probably able to click Yes with confidence that he wouldn't have to give up his first-born child to send email, but not everyone is so foresighted. Neglecting to order a data-roaming package before taking a trip outside of Europe can be financially painful. The difference in price can be as much as a factor of 75 (not 75%, mind you, but 7,500%). O2 CR has the best price of the three operators for a data package (Kč 3-4 per MB) but the worst price (Kč 300 per MB) if you don't order one. T-Mobile actually charges more per MB for a 100MB package than for a 30MB package. When telecoms professionals say that the future is in data, what they don't say is that the future is partly in preying on those who fall into the data trap. [Czech Republic Vodafone internet]

Glossary of difficult words

skinflint - a person who spends as little as possible; a penny-pincher;

foresighted - having or using foresight (predicting what will happen or be needed in the future);

to prey on - to exploit; to take advantage of; to cheat or swindle.

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