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In his 1973 hit, Kris Kristofferson asked, "Why me, Lord?" What had he done, he implored, to deserve even one of the pleasures he had known? Many a Czech politician and businessman is singing a different tune, maybe something along the lines of "Poor Poor Pitiful Me." Why is life so unfair, they wonder? Stanislav Gross accepted Christ in his search for redemption after being struck in his prime. Antonín Koláček, convicted in the MUS case, turned to Buddha and blamed his plight on not being part of any protected group. David Rath was no doubt cursing the careerist Lenka Bradáčová as he had his "bike accident." Tomáš Pitr insisted from behind bars that he really didn't have any goods on politicians. Even Andrej Babiš deplores being singled out for a conflict of interest, when many other politicians have them too. Why is life so unfair? Why is justice, or vengeance, so selective? Only God and the string-pullers know. [Czech Republic Switzerland Warren Zevon bicycle]

Glossary of difficult words

to implore - to plead with; to beg earnestly for;

redemption - the action of saving or being saved from sin, error or evil;

prime - a state or time of greatest strength, vigor or success in a person's life;

plight - a dangerous, difficult or otherwise unfortunate situation;

to have the goods (on someone) - to possess compromising information o someone;

to deplore - to feel or express strong disapproval of something;

vengeance - punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong;

string-puller - the one pulling the strings; the one who is in control of the situation.

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