Final Word from Thursday, June 4, 2015

Like something out of a Gogol short story, Czech coalition politicians have stopped thinking with their brains and are being guided by their upper-most appendage. Cabinet ministers stuck their proboscises yesterday into the affairs of restaurant owners, all in the name of protecting the population's general health and keeping the clothes of barmaids from stinking after work. Prague politicians are also planning a low-emissions zone in the center so that we can all inhale better, but of course they won't sneeze at the kickback opportunities provided by the enforcement method ultimately chosen. Someone will no doubt also try to ban strong perfumes in the workplace, as has happened in some U.S. cities. With such concern for our health, it's strange that our busybody politicians have voted to extend the life of all those golden rape fields. Whatever is saved in emissions is more than made up for with teary eyes and runny noses. [Czech Republic allergies allergic biofuel rapeseed]

Glossary of difficult words

Gogol short story - The Nose;

appendage - a projecting part of an invertebrate or other living organism, with a distinct appearance or function;

proboscis (pl. proboscises) - the nose of a mammal;

to sneeze at something - to indicate one's disapproval;

busybody - a meddling or prying person; someone who interferes.


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