Final Word from Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Of all the people who allegedly gave nifty gifts to Jana Nagyová Nečasová while she was running Petr Nečas's office, only Daniel Křetínský has an atomic bomb. We're alluding to the now-famous comment by Marek Dospiva of Penta about the reason to buy media outlets: They act as a "nuclear briefcase" against those who might want to launch an "irrational" attack. Křetínský prefers to carry around his nuclear command center in a black leather bag. It's connected directly to the launch pad at Blesk. So far, though, Blesk has only launched bright flares meant to highlight what a great guy Andrej Babiš is: Whom he takes selfies with, how he relieves himself at outdoor festivals, what his lovely Monika is up to. But what if someone decided to act "irrationally" against Křetínský, perhaps by digging deeper into his story about why he gave Kč 508,000 in gifts to Nagyová? What kind of nuclear retaliation could that person expect? [Czech Republic Ringier Czech News Center Babišová]

Glossary of difficult words

nifty - fashionable, stylish;

nuclear briefcase - a specially outfitted briefcase used to authorize the use of nuclear weapons;

to relieve oneself - (euphemistic) to urinate or defecate;

to be up to something - to be engaged in or busy at doing something.


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